How to Protect Your Hard Drives from Cold Weather

hard drives in cold temperatures

How to protect your hard drive from the winter weather.

Protecting hard drives from cold weather

We humans don’t feel well unless we take precautions to protect ourselves from cold weather. How about our electronic devices…specifically hard drives? Can they survive in such extreme cold temperatures?

Cold Temps and your Hard Drive

Any fluid...

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Top Reasons for Hard Drive Failure

Untitled-1Types of hard drive failures

Here’s a breakdown of the reasons behind hard drive failures that we receive for our data recovery service at The Data Rescue Center:

• PHYSICAL TRAUMA: Dropped, crushed, water or fire damage.  This could be as minor as setting your laptop down too hard or as severe...

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Hard Drive Maintenance Tips


Hard Drive Maintenance and Data Protection Tips

Hard drive maintenance and data protection tips are two very important topics. Handling the marketing for a DIY data recovery software manufacturer and data recovery service I have heard and seen all cases and scenarios. It is extremely important subjects; subjects that every computer user needs...

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