We are prepared for a variety of computer data emergencies at The Data Rescue Center. If you are the information technology engineer for your company, the stress caused by data loss is overwhelming unless you are also prepared. The Data Rescue Center wants to partner with you so that recovering your lost files is performed quickly, efficiently and securely. Our data recovery engineers are proficient in the techniques and technology that ensures the safe retrieval of missing data on virtually any type of storage media.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, our data recovery engineers execute SSD recovery, standard drive recovery and all forms of flash media recovery. Furthermore, unlike many other hard drive data recovery services, we take the safety and security of your data seriously when it is in our care. Our UL listed Class 2 security vault protects your equipment from theft and fire. Additionally, we do all of the work in-house, and we never ship your drive to another company or location. Once your drive arrives, it is completely guarded against damage or theft.

If you manage the computers and data recovery plan for your business, we will take some of the stress away. Keep one of our Red Box kits handy so that you can ship a damaged drive to us immediately. With a two-day guaranteed delivery included in the package, we quickly let you know if recovery is possible, and we provide you with a free diagnostic report and quote. For a list of data recovery services designed around your needs, contact The Data Rescue Center today.