The Best Data Recovery Service

Why Are We Different?

Our parent company, Prosoft Engineering, has been in business since 1985. Prosoft specializes in data recovery software and other hard drive utilities. The Data Rescue Center is the only known recovery service provider that also has a full software engineering division. You can find Prosoft’s award-winning hard drive recovery software on Amazon and The Apple Store, both have 4.5 and 5-star rating averages. Unlike our competitors, who may purchase data recovery software from other software companies, we write our software and build custom modules for unique situations when other industry software fails. Being a software developer as well as a recovery service gives us a unique advantage in our recovery service division as well as helping further improve our do-it-yourself software.

Who Are You Trusting Your Data With?

Our data recovery service division, The Data Rescue Center, was established in 2009. Both The Data Rescue Center and Prosoft headquarters are in Northern California at the same facility. With over 2 million invested in our state-of-the-art headquarters (Class 100 Cleanroom, Class 2 Vault, and extensive security), we do not have other satellite offices as they could not provide the same level of service and security as our headquarters. We provide free expedited shipping for over 5000 computer repair partners located throughout the US and Canada.

We perform all recovery services in our headquarters based in Livermore, California. We are confident that we have best-in-class security that is unmatched by any competitor and guarantee your drive stays onsite and is never outsourced.