We perform all kinds of computer hard drive data recovery at The Data Rescue Center. This includes internal hard drive recovery as well as external hard drive recovery. I’m always looking for news on the business trends in data protection and a report on a recent 2011 survey caught my attention. Of the companies surveyed, which included businesses anywhere from one employee to over 10,000 employees, 50% stated that they had experienced data loss in the last 12 months prior to the survey. Additionally, 27% of the companies surveyed said that it would take at least 24 hours to recovery their lost data. Even more sobering was that 10% of them stated that they would have no chance at all to recover their business files.

Just how valuable is your business data and how much would it cost to recover it? The effects of data loss can be staggering. Financial loss affects your company’s fiscal health. Noncompliance with government regulations concerning data retention will cause legal issues. Even if your data can be recovered, the loss of your company’s productivity will have a major impact on revenue.

It’s amazing that 11% of those companies surveyed had no data backup plan at all. Should data loss occur because of hardware failure, their only solution may be hard drive crash recovery. While they might get all their files back, the cost of recovery could be expensive.

When choosing a backup policy and plan, it is important to remember that people can’t always be trusted to implement the plan themselves. In fact, 34% of the companies in the survey stated that user participation was the biggest challenge; even so, 47% were still using backup policies that relied on end-user implementation.