This is a great data recovery success story. In this scenario, a customer was in a hurry carrying his laptop to the car and placed the laptop on top of their car momentarily. While in a rush, he hopped in the car forgetting he left the laptop outside on the roof of his car. The laptop fell off the roof of the car while he was driving and got ran over at least once after falling. The screen was completely torn off of the laptop and the body had several dents on the backside of the casing.

One of our data recovery specialist opened up the casing of the computer and luckily the hard drive of the laptop did not appear to be physically damaged. Testing of the hard drive did report errors reading which were due to damaged hard drive heads. We were able to locate a donor hard drive and successfully transplant the replacement hard drive heads. This allowed us to scan the clone of the hard drive and recover the client’s data with our professional data recovery software

Damaged Laptop