Computer prices have come down over the years. Not too long ago, a simple desktop computer with a CRT monitor could cost well over $2,000. That particular computer (this author’s first) had a 2-gigabyte hard drive, 64 megabytes of random access memory, a CD-ROM player, and a floppy disk drive.

Nowadays, a 500 gig hard drive in a laptop computer is common. Gone are the floppy drives, replaced by DVD and CD writers, flash drives, and memory card readers. A decent desktop can be purchased for around $300 and a quality, entry-level laptop, at one time the most expensive of machines, can be owned for less than $800. Computer ownership has gone from a few “geeks” and large businesses to small and home-based businesses and an ever-increasing number of home users. The data stored on these machine ranges from digital home photos to important business documents and company financial data.

The point is that the cost of computer ownership has decreased, but the value of the data stored on it has increased exponentially. Hardware and software can be replaced easily enough, but the information stored may require the services of a data recovery company if it is lost. The Data Rescue Center is a disk recovery service. They offer a free phone consolation over the phone to determine the best course of action. If your drive is sent to them for recovery, a detailed quoted from a disk recovery expert is delivered before any work is done. Furthermore, if some or all of the data is not recoverable, the final bill will be prorated to reflect the actual recovery.