The team at The Data Rescue Center checks trends around the country and around the world, keeping up with the latest information on data loss and data recovery. A recent survey, completed in Europe in 2011, revealed some rather disheartening statistics. Business owners should take this information and review their own business’s data protection and recovery plan.

Leading Cause of Data Loss

Here are a few of the statistics, gleaned in a survey of 1,750 European companies. While natural disasters, such as flood, tornados and hurricanes do threaten a business with data loss, they account for only 7% of data loss. The leader in data loss is hardware failure, a staggering 61%. Power failures account for 42%. The third leading cause of data loss, data corruption, accounts for 35%. This is why The Data Rescue Center urges all businesses and consumers to have an effective data backup plan in operation. For Window machines, they recommend Data Backup PC3.

Data Recovery = Loss in Productivity

While these statistics are ominous, the resulting productivity loss can be even more damaging. In fact, of those companies surveyed, 74% stated that they were not confident that they could recover from major data loss. Here are the top three measureable impacts of data loss downtime:

  • Loss of employees productivity, at 43%
  • Loss of revenue, at 29%
  • Delay in product development, 27%

Finding a Professional Data Recovery Service

Data recovery services play a major role in getting a business back up and running in the event of data loss. The Data Rescue Center, a data recovery service company in California, is standing by ready to help you keep data loss impact to a minimum. They perform both Windows and Mac data recovery.