Watch the video to see the proper attire for a Class 100 Cleanroom

Opening a hard drive for data recovery requires a contaminant-free atmosphere. At The Data Rescue Center, we use a class 100 cleanroom that removes the contaminants from the air. However, it doesn’t stop there. We do everything we can to prevent contamination damage; that includes our technicians’ attire as well.

Before entering the donning and doffing antechamber, the technician cleans his or her shoes with a motorized, rotating brush to remove any loose dirt. The technician enters the gowning chamber, walking across a sticky mat to remove particles from the shoe soles. Then foot booties are placed over the shoes and secured.

Next, the technician dons a zippered, hooded, full-body jump suit. After putting on a hairnet and hospital style facemask, the technician pulls the hood over the head and makes sure all zippers and fasteners are secured. However, the donning is not done yet! Full shoe covers are donned next. They reach to just under the knees and are fastened in place. Finally, the security badge is attached, ensuring that only our qualified technicians are working on your equipment.

It may sound like a lot of trouble, but we value you as a client and protecting your data is vital. Internal and external hard drive recovery must be done correctly, including the removal of all contaminants. Based in Livermore, California, The Data Rescue Center also performs flash drive recovery for your digital cameras and mp3 players.