As we approach the holiday season I would like to remind all of you to back up your computers.  Now is the time of year great memories are captured with digital pictures and videos.  It is easy to overlook and forget about doing those backups.

If you have a Mac and are using Leopard , Snow Leopard or Lion you can easily utilize Apple’s Time Machine backup app included in your OSX. If not, try the demo version of Data Backup 3 for 30 days.

Data Backup 3 offers standard backup types and includes a bootable clone option that I recommend highly.

Here is a quick guide on how to create a bootable clone back up and test drive Data Backup 3 at the same time.

Before starting your backup be sure your external hard drive is properly formatted with a GUID Partition table for intel based or Apple Partition map scheme for PPC based Mac’s before continuing.

Please download the latest version of Data Backup 3 from the link below and install it:

Within Data Backup, you will be selecting File > New Backup Set. Please follow the steps below to properly create a bootable clone.

Click on Show Backup Options to expand the drop down menu.

  1. Select Backup Type, then select Clone.
  2. Click on the “+” symbol under Sources and select Mac HD from the Devices list in the Finder window. 3.Select > Bootable Clone Backup as your destination from the “Devices” list in the Finder window.
  3. To finish, goto File > Save Backup Set As. Then once saved click Start Now.

Once the clone is created, open System Preferences > Startup Disk and select the Bootable Clone BkUp and select Restart.