I have seen an increasing amount of ads and specials for budget sub-$200 data recovery services. In one case ,I handed a Data Rescue Center business card to a neighboring technical establishment that I was visiting and was shocked by their perception of Data Recovery costs. Basically, the feedback was surprising and paralleled the ads on Google I continually see when searching for “Physical Data Recovery services”. The repetitious feedback, is that data recovery scenarios cost around “$199.00”. $199.00 dollars may be more accurate if your data loss is due to deleted files, formatted drive or an unmountable volume or partition. These types are called logical recoveries.

However, if you have a failing hard drive, do not expect to pay $199.00. These types of data recovery scenarios are what is referred to as physical recoveries. A cleanroom is needed to be able to take these drives apart in a dust free environment by trained professionals. If your data is extremely important and irreplaceable, do not trust a flat rate of $199.00. These types of pricing schemes are designed to get you in the door mainly. Physical data recovery pricing is definitely not low-cost, but the process starts by bringing your drive to a legitimate, professional company like The Data Rescue Center.

If you find yourself with a data loss situation, immediately quit all programs you are using and turn off the computer. Further writing to the hard drive may overwrite data you are trying to recover. This includes creating new documents, browsing the Internet, or running disk repair utilities to attempt to fix the drive. If you need advice, call the Data Rescue Center @ 1-877-501-4949 or visit the website for more information. http://www.thedatarescuecenter.com/