IDC’s recent Digital Universe study determined that data doubles every year across the world. In fact, data will reach 1.8 trillion gigabytes this year. With this constant increase in data, the risk of data loss also increases. Studies show that one in every 1,000 computers will suffer data loss. We certainly see our share here in our hard drive recovery lab.

There are several myths or fallacies that business folks have about data recovery. For instance, some feel they don’t need a recovery plan because they’ve never had a significant loss. Even with a backup system, a business should have a plan in place. Data loss will happen eventually.

Some also feel that their in-house IT staff can handle any emergency. While they might recover files in some instances, those that require internal repairs are beyond their capabilities. Another myth is that cheaper hard drive recovery is as good as any. Unfortunately, low-end quotes often have hidden pitfalls and hidden costs. Flat-rate recovery quotes are usually anything but flat.

Remember that just because someone says they can’t do it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Small recovery companies are often ill-equipped to handle new and emerging technologies, such as flash media and solid-state drives. The Data Rescue Center recovery engineers are trained in these technologies and we have the equipment necessary for all types of tasks, including flash drive recovery.

Finally, it’s wrong to think that all data recovery companies know how to keep your data secure. Sadly, many drives end up on a shelf in a back storeroom closet, unprotected from theft or loss. Our extensive security measures ensure your data is safe when in our care.