I just love the smells, sights and sounds of spring. The fresh aroma of pine-scented cleaning solvent, the rustling of dusters on the shelves, and the dog playfully chasing after the vacuum cleaner all make me smile. Yes, it’s time for our annual spring cleaning!

It’s a good time to perform your computer’s spring cleaning as well. There are several maintenance chores that should be done at least annually. Performing these could make a difference on whether you might need to bring your hard drive to us for data recovery. The Data Rescue Center is here to help if you need Windows® disk file recovery or Mac data recovery. However, here are three tips to keep problems to a minimum.

  1. One of the major enemies of computer components is heat. Shut off your desktop computer and remove the side panel. Using a can of compressed air for electronics, careful blow out the dust and debris that has collected. Don’t forget the vents on the side panels and the dust that has collected on CPU, power supply and graphics card fans.
  2. You might want to reseat all of the cables and connections from the motherboard to various components. Static electricity can damage electronic parts, so be sure to wear a grounding strap.
  3. Clean up your hard drive as well. Take a good inventory of the programs that are installed. Some may need updating while others just need trashed. You’ve probably amassed a wide array of programs, many of which you no longer use. Old programs can often become corrupted and are a common source of logical drive failure and data loss.