Here at The Data Rescue Center, we take data recovery seriously. We can recover data from logically and physically failed drives. A logical failure is often caused by operating system corruption. This can be solved by a software-based solution. Even so, the correct steps must be taken in the proper sequence to ensure success.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen many instances where poorly performed disk file recovery attempts have done more damage to the data. Some folks will panic when a drive won’t mount and will try to reinstall the operating system. This process overwrites many the files on the drive. Unless a recent backup is available, many of the user’s files are not recoverable.

If called, we can analyze the situation and give advice on the best solution. This service is free, even if we determine that the owner can fix the problem themselves. We will even explain the proper procedures that should be taken.

If the hard drive is physically damaged, the only way to recover the files is to repair the drive first. This entails opening the drive, a task that should not be attempted in a normal environment. These drives are assembled in a cleanroom environment; they must be repaired in one also. Your local computer guru does not have the equipment to perform a successful recovery. If data recovery prices seem pricey, please understand that the necessary equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain, there are numerous parts costs for most cases, and technician experience and training is also an expense. Having an untrained, ill-prepared tech can make your hard drive unrecoverable.

If you need the best data recovery service available, give us a call. Our award-winning service is here to guarantee the most successful recovery possible.