Do you have a crashed or failing hard drive?  Is your drive clicking, grinding or screeching?  If you are experiencing any of these issues, then there are some critical steps that you need to take right now to make sure that the integrity of your data stays intact. At The Data Rescue Center, we’ve helped hundreds of people in your situation right now be able to recover their valuable data. Our data recovery engineers have put together these essential tips to make sure that you can have the best chance possible to get your data back, no matter how catastrophic the failure.

Let’s take a look…

 Tip #1: Don't Install Any New Software

If you believe that your hard drive is starting to crash, then resist the urge to install or download anything new. If your hard drive is failing, this new installation will increase your risks of overwriting some of your existing data. Once that happens, the overwritten data is permanently unrecoverable. This tip applies to those instances when the hard drive is still operational, but perhaps not functioning like you’ve come to expect it function.

Tip #2: Don't Run Software or Apps 

When you believe that your hard drive might be vulnerable or operating incorrectly, it can be tempting to pull up a browser window and search out the symptoms to confirm your suspicions. The problem with this is that you end up with the potential of installing cookies, temporary internet files, and other items that can affect the performance of the hard drive and potentially overwrite critical files. Power down your computer, stop using it, and contact us at The Data Rescue Center to discuss your next steps to take.

Tip #3: Don't Freeze Your Hard Drive 

There are some interesting stories out there on the internet today of how people have managed to get their hard drives working again after exposing them to extreme conditions. This has caused numerous people to either stick their hard drive in the freezer or even put it in the oven in an attempt to fix the problem. Most of the time this just results in lost data. The best advice from our recovery engineers: leave your hard drive alone, bring in your entire unit, and let our recovery engineers take a look at your unique problem.

Tip #4: Leave the Hard Drive Alone 

Any time a hard drive is opened by someone who is unfamiliar with the device, a risk for data loss occurs. Tapping and shaking the hard drive will only further increase your risks.  Hard drive recovery must be done by a professional recovery center that has a full facility to open and service the hard drive.  Data recovery done correctly requires a dust-free, anti-static environment with trained professionals.  Otherwise you are more then likely to damage the drive and make the data unrecoverable.  The Data Rescue Center offers a highly rated affordable data recovery service equipped with a Class 100 Cleanroom and free evaluation completed at your earliest convenience.

Tip #5: Act Now! 

The longer you wait with a hard drive problem, the greater the chances will be that you will have unrecoverable data. Contact a professional data recovery service provider as soon as you possibly can so that you can rescue your data.

Do you suspect a hard drive failure has happened? If so, then be sure to contact our recovery engineers right away so that they can discuss the actions you should take and help guide you through some preventative measures that will protect your data as much as possible. Why put your data at risk? Contact us at The Data Rescue Center today.