The world is a digital community. As a responsible citizen of that community, The Data Rescue Center is offering a $500 discount for victims of Hurricane Irene. Power surges, flooding and mudslides caused damage to an unknown number of hard drives. These drives contain irreplaceable digital photos, critical business documents and financial records, business and personal address books, vital security data and passwords. Without proper data recovery procedures, these important files could be lost forever. We want to help you recover your valuable data.

It is vital that you take immediate steps to prevent further damage to your data. When water damage is suspected or visibly apparent:

  • Do not attempt to power up or use the equipment.
  • Do not try to dry out the machine, hard drive or any other data storage media; this can further damage the data through excessive heat exposure.
  • Carefully remove the hard drive from the computer and place it in a sealed, airtight bag. Do this with other media as well, such as digital camera and smartphones cards.

If you have experienced power loss, especially a long-term outage, unplug all of your equipment from electrical outlets, surge protectors and battery backup systems. Power surges are possible when service is restored, which can cause physical damage and potential data loss.

After power is restored and you are able to power up your equipment, carefully observe its operation. Hard drives that will not spin up or that make unusual grinding or clicking noises might be damaged. Shut down, unplug the computer immediately, and prepare your drive for recovery. Contact The Data Rescue Center for program details and recovery instructions at 1-877-501-4949. We perform Windows and Mac data recovery, both personal and business, and RAID recovery for servers.