If you’ve been on the freeway or roads in Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin or San Ramon, chances are that you’ve seen our computer recovery Scion or Hummer. The computer recovery Scion is used primarily for local pick up and delivery to customers and partners. Great on gas and low on maintenance, the computer recovery Scion can be seen scooting around town 7 days a week in the east bay. The larger, and much more noticeable computer recovery Hummer has a much different job here at the Data Rescue Center.. The Hummer is mainly parked at city events like Pleasanton’s First Wednesday street fairs, Livermore’s Farmer’s Market and other gatherings. Not driven very much, the Hummer can usually be seen displayed at our Greenville Road headquarters, giving visitors a great beacon to spot on their way to out building near Lawrence Livermore Labs.  If you are in need of data recovery services give a call to learn more about what we offer.