Natural disasters usually bring with them the potential for data loss through equipment damage. Storms, hurricanes and flooding bring with them massive amounts of water that can enter hard drive cases of both personal computers and business servers. Even smaller events like broken plumbing can potentially soak both computers and hard drives.

Most of these drives will be physically damaged, yet the data on them may still be recoverable. However, the owner must take certain precautions to prevent complete data loss.

To dry or not to dry?

When a hard drive has been submerged in water, your first inclination might be to dry it out. However, you should not attempt to remove water from the inside of a soaked drive. Any contaminants in the water will settle on the disks if the water is removed. It could stick to the platter surface, causing further damage.

You’ll need to send the drive to a data recovery lab. Here are the steps to prepare it:

• After you have carefully removed the drive, wrap a paper towel around it. This will remove excess water from the outside of the case. • Leaving the drive wrapped in paper, carefully place it into a sealable plastic bag. Remove as much air as possible from the bag and then seal it. • Place the entire package into a shipping container, such as our Red Box kit. Send of the drive to a trustworthy hard drive data recovery service as soon as possible.