The Data Rescue Center is continually interacting with IT managers that are faced with all the issues that come with the explosion of data.   According to a recent research from Enterprise Strategy Group they are seeing annual growth rates from 11 percent to 30 percent.  They are faced with issues on how to store, protect and archive the vast amount of data they are responsible for.

Establish a Data Recovery Service

In the cases where the archiving or backing up has gone wrong or hard drives have been physically damaged, data recovery becomes an vital need.  It is important to have a reputable data recovery company in place prior so you are prepared for those emergency situations.

Data Growth on Networks

This graphic visually explains how the data around the world continues to grow at a staggering rate. Big Data is the increasing of data at a rate faster than which a network can handle or process without the loss of performance. Big Data includes media like HD videos, increased content, higher quality pictures, heavier websites, bigger / more robust, increased employee demand, etc. Can future networks handle this type of increased load? And if not, what types of solutions are available to alleviate the peaks in demand?

Is the Cloud the Answer?

Small, medium and enterprise cloud solutions are becoming main stream to help buffer Big Data demands. Services like cloud backup, cloud security, cloud hosting and more. These types of solutions pull the bulk of the data off internal networks and place them on cloud or offsite networks.

Will cloud computing become the future and if so, what will it look like? The following infographic helps to paint that picture.

The infographic was created by XO Communications; helping businesses and IT administrators understand the shift towards bigger data and the future need of enterprise cloud computing for business.