We live in an increasingly digital world. Some form of electronic, digital device is a part of all that we do. We communicate from anywhere to anyone we desire with our cell phones. Digital storage has replaced stacks of paper. Even the storage media has evolved as small capacity floppy disks have been replaced by CD-ROMs, external hard drives, and network servers.

Furthermore, this paperless office is no longer bound to a cubicle an office building downtown in the business district. The laptop computer and PDA turn any locale into a business setting. Wireless networking has freed the businessperson from confinement of the traditional office.

Along with the freedom, the digital world presents an element of jeopardy. All of those digital files and all of that electronic data can be easily lost when our digital devices fail. The files on the computer may suddenly become inaccessible and emergency data recovery suddenly becomes extremely urgent.

Choosing a good data recovery service is important. The client should expect excellent customer service from the recovery technician. They should be kept informed of every step of the recovery process and made a part of the decision making process. Customer service is an important part of process at The Data Rescue Center. It starts with the initial consultation and free estimate and continues through to the final decisions the type of media on which to store the recovered data. Whether the job is NTFS file recovery or saving digital photos, their qualified technicians treat their customer’s data as if it was their own.