Well, Dad’s taken up a new hobby. Mom got him a slide and negative converter as an early Christmas present. He’s now changing decades of 35mm slides into digital photos on his computer. He’s enjoying it immensely and even asked me if he could make a little money doing this for other folks.

Many younger people won’t remember slides and negatives. Everything is digital these days, with flash media cards taking the place of the old celluloid film negatives. While this has made picture taking easier and less expensive, the downside is not always apparent. I suppose I recognize it more, working for a data recovery service. That downside is the potential data loss of all those memories. Dad keeps his slides and negatives safely tucked away in storage boxes in a cool environment. He treats them with the care necessary for longevity. Barring a natural disaster, these photo memories should be around for a long time. Why, some of them are older than yours truly!

On a computer, photo storage is a different story. Hard drive failures occur from many different events, putting your digital memories as risk. A data recovery specialist is necessary for recovery from physical drive failures. If not done properly, your photos could be gone forever.

Should you experience data loss, talk to one of our friendly recovery engineers. They are very experienced in standard hard drive and SSD recovery as well as media card and flash drive recovery. Save those priceless digital memories with The Data Rescue Center’s help.