When you’re dealing with computers, eventually something will break down. Whether due to mechanical failures or by malice from an outside source, loss of computer functionality can be damaging to a business and data loss could be catastrophic. There are ways for every business to protect their information, and even recover it in many cases.

We strongly encourage any computer user to backup their hard drive; set up scheduled times - once per week, month, etc. - to back up every hard drive in the office, with the frequency varying according to significance. If you would rather be safe than sorry you lost all of your data in the electrical fire downstairs, backup your backups and keep the second copy offsite. There are also dozens of places that offer online backup and data storage. Whichever route you choose, your data can be recovered in the event of a failure or loss.

What if failure happens before you backup the data? If the failure occurs due to logical problems, the solution may be as simple as using data recovery software such as Data Rescue by Prosoft. If there is physical damage to the drive or the software is unable to recover the lost data, the best option is to consult with a reliable data recovery specialist who can discuss your options and help minimize loss. The team at The Data Rescue Center is standing by to provide you with a free written estimate, and help you recover your data, should the need ever arise.