Today I worked with a customer that was having problems with an external hard drive and was wondering if Data Rescue 3 could help. The drive was no longer mounting on her desktop and she had not copied the files from the drive yet so I recommended that she try the demo first to see if she could scan the hard drive for files. She tried the Quick Scan first but it was not able to find files, so she reverted to running a Deep Scan.After she let the Deep Scan run she started getting errors for slow read access and Data Rescue 3 recommended that she stop the scan to clone her drive. These warnings indicate that her drive may have physical issues and in these cases we suggest copying the drive using Data Rescue 3’s clone before a potential hardware failure occurs.

She was not sure what to do at this point so I guided her to start a clone of this hard drive to another external hard drive. The clone completed successfully and she was able to run the Deep Scan on the clone as well. She then was able to recover the data from the clone and was very happy to have her important files back. Data Rescue 3’s Clone feature is a great tool to help overcome slow read access from a drive with potential hardware issues.

If you notice that your hard drive is clicking or making any other strange noises, you may cause more data loss by using the drive and your best option would be to send it to our full-service cleanroom recovery solution: