Let me ask you a question. How important are the files on your computer?  What would happen if you suddenly lost them?

family photo So much of the data on stored on your hard drive is irreplaceable.

The reasons that data goes missing are varied. Some are lost to logical failures.  Virus and malware attacks corrupt operating system files and user-generated data.  Now the files are inaccessible.  Accidental deletion, another form of logical failure, also causes file loss.

Corruption occurs when a computer is shut down improperly as well.  Power failures strike without warning and data is lost because it wasn’t saved.

Personal computers and network servers often suffer physical damage. Improper handling and natural disasters damage delicate components or destroy electronics. This lost data requires special techniques and equipment for recovery, normally only found in a data recovery lab.

Class 100 Cleanroom The Data Rescue Center offers professional data recovery service.

The fact is that most of us will experience some form of data loss. How you prepare for it will make a huge difference in its impact on your personal or business life. And while good recovery software may recover deleted files, and recovery engineers might recover all or part of your data, remember this. There is no substitute for an effective data backup plan.

Not only that, but it’s a good idea to check your plan to make sure it works. Can you actually recover your data from a backup set? And is it backing up all the data you think it is? If you haven’t verified it, you really don’t know.

The recovery engineers here at The Data Rescue Center will all recommend that you backup your computer. Our software, Data Backup PC3 for Windows® PCs and Data Backup 3 for Macs, will help you protect your data safely and securely.