A recent news article about a New Jersey woman’s quest for simple data recovery drives home a simple point. It is imperative that the client’s equipment be handled safely and securely when dealing with data recovery.

The lady had taken her high-end computer to a local electronics retailer so that their computer technicians could try to recover some files that had come up missing. After hearing nothing about her computer for several weeks, the lady finally got a call telling her that the motherboard and fan had fried. Amazingly, the call came from a repair center several states away. She had never been informed that her computer had been shipped out of state for repair. After being shipped back and forth between New Jersey and Kentucky several more times, the computer was deemed irreparably damaged and a replacement computer was eventually given to the customer in January. Of course, this replacement computer had none of her files on there, since it was a brand-new computer. Her entire photo collection, personal documents and more were all gone-

Unfortunately, when clients take their hard drives to a data recovery lab, they could suffer the same fate. Many of these so-called labs are merely collection points and the recovery work is actually done at a remote location. The drive stands the chance of being damaged, lost or stolen any time it is shipped to another facility.

When a drive is placed in The Data Rescue Center’s care, all of the work is done in-house. The drive is secured in a UL listed class 2 security vault when it is not being repaired. The client is informed and consulted with at every step of the recovery process. This includes everything from initial quotes on data recovery prices to the results of the HDD data recovery process.