Today I spoke with a customer who got a warning from DrivePulse in Drive Genius 3 about corrupted preference files. This customer had purchased and installed Drive Genius 3 on his new MacBook Air and his wife’s MacBook Pro. One day he got a warning saying that a .plist file is corrupted and needs to be removed. He tried to fix the errors himself but could not figure out which folder to go to find these files.

I worked with him first to identify which file it was that was corrupted, then I guided him to the right directory where it was located and he was able to delete this file. He then went to Repair and ran the Verify but this operation failed. I worked with him again by booting from another drive and Repairing his internal drive and eventually fixing the issue. He was surprised that Mac OS X did not warn him of this corruption. If he did not have Drive Genius 3 installed on his MacBook Pro, this corrupted file and volume errors could have caused a lot more problems on his Mac and eventually he would have needed mac data recovery.