I’m going to make a profound statement: Data recovery is not the same as, say, lawn mower servicing. Hard drive recovery is obviously more involved and is an extremely technical task. A hard drive recovery engineer cannot just get a repair manual and attempt recovery. Recovery engineers go through extensive training so that they perform safe, effective retrievals.

Horror stories of botched or improper drive recovery abound. A news story earlier this year recounted one such incident. A woman took her high-end computer back to the electronics retail store because she was having issues. She fully expected the computer to remain in-house for repair. It didn’t.

When she hadn’t heard back about her computer for some time, she called the store to check the progress. She was then told that it had been shipped out to a regional repair facility, obviously without her consent, and that they would check on it. To make an extremely long story short, she finally got a replacement computer after several months of waiting. However, all of her personal computer data was lost forever. Her digital pictures, music collection, videos, work and home documents, everything.

Customer service is extremely important when dealing with a client’s critical data. Unfortunately, this woman’s story is not untypical. Critical files have been lost, damaged and stolen because care was not used. Poor customer service causes distrust and unnecessary anxiety.

We understand that the client is an important part of the process, whether it be business server repair or flash drive recovery from a personal digital camera. Always make sure your equipment is being handled properly and securely. You should be consulted at every step of the process as well.