No intelligent consumer will buy a product or contract a service without getting some idea of what the cost will be. It just does not make sense. When some sort of repair service is required, it is a good decision to get a preliminary quote before authorizing any work. After all, what is the benefit if the repair cost is greater than the cost of replacement?

The recovery of lost data on a computer can be expensive, but the value of the files can outweigh the expense. When contracting a data recovery company there are several things to consider. Making sure that they will give a free estimate of the work needed is one of them. The customer should be able to describe the problem to a qualified technician who, in turn, will be able to make a preliminary estimate of the services required to recover the data. Each technician at The Data Rescue Center is a trained disk recovery expert and will be able to discuss the situation over the phone and give a free estimate before any service is contracted. If the customer can do their own recovery, the technician can give instructions on what they should do.

If the hard drive or computer must be sent to the disk recovery service, the assigned technician will analyze the drive and call the customer before any work is done. At this time, a more accurate quote is possible because the exact nature of the problem is known. Customer involvement is vital at The Data Rescue Center.