Hard drives have the tendency to stop working or eventually fail, so it is recommended that you have a reliable backup and the best way to do that is to use backup software and automate it.  Apple’s Time Machine is great, but if you are looking for something more customizable Data Backup 3 from Prosoft is an easy to use software solution.  

There are 4 common types of hard drive failure scenarios that are commonly seen at The Data Rescue Center.  Here is an overview of each one:

Firmware Hard Drive Failure

One type of failure is firmware or manufacturer fault. Some symptoms of this error include: an undetectable or unrecognizable hard disk and/or the system fails to boot or hang in the middle of the booting process.The only way to recover the lost data is to install a professional hard drive recovery software, such as Data Rescue, or send it to a professional data recovery laboratory, The Data Rescue Center.

Heat Related Hard Drive Failures

A common type of hard drive failure is in relation to heat. Some signs of this kind of failure include: slow-moving or non-operational fans, clicking sounds, or noise coming from the system hardware. This is often caused by improper ventilation. Heat within a computer is not always a bad sign, however, after a certain temperature, the heat can cause the drive to crash and result in damaged hardware. The only way to fix this issue is to ensure that the fans are running properly, giving enough ventilation within the computers’ case.

Electronic Related Hard Drive Failures

Another scenario of hard drive failure is when there is an electronic failure or a power surge. A few symptoms of this kind of problem is when the system BIOS is unable to find a drive and/or the hard drive cannot spin up.

Mechanical Hard Drive Failures

A fourth scenario of failure is a mechanical or internal failure, this failure is typically due to the use of bad sectors and blocks, a physical impact to the drive (such as dropping the drive), a spindle motor that won’t rotate, or a bad power supply. A few symptoms of this failure include clicking sounds and/or Files & Folders disappearing over time.

Signs of Impending Hard Drive Failure 

You will know that there is a system corruption occurring in your drive if files are becoming inaccessible and/or the operating system continues to fail booting up. File corruption often occurs due to reasons such as: shutting down the computer improperly, accidentally closing a running program, using corrupted freeware software, and power failures. You can prevent this type of failure by shutting down your computer and closing programs properly and not installing freeware software.

What to do if you have lost your files?

Regardless if it is a physical or logical hard drive issue due to any of the scenarios listed above or something else Prosoft and The Data Rescue Center can help.  We offer free phone or email support from our US-based headquarters to help guide you to the right recovery path.  We offer free trial versions of our software and free estimates for our recovery services.  Please contact us to learn more.