It is easy to forget about potential data disasters when your computer is running properly. Most people never give any thought as to what they would do if their computers crashed. However, it is a good idea to have some type of recovery plan in place for such events. Many people are prepared when it comes to disasters that are not computer related. For example, most families and business will have a plan for weather emergencies, fires and other natural disasters. Emergency exit routes are laid out, evacuation stations are identified and nonperishable foods are stored for these emergencies.

Unfortunately, many small- to medium-sized businesses come up short when data emergencies occur. They do not plan ahead for these events. However, the chance of a computer crashing is probably greater than a natural disaster striking. Furthermore, unless the business has plans for emergency hard drive recovery they stand a chance of business shutdown.

We perform harddrive recovery, flash drive recovery and solid-state drive recovery at The Data Rescue Center. Our recovery engineers are well-trained in all of the current technologies for data recovery. Additionally, they are backed up by our state-of-the-art equipment. Our excellent customer service is second to none. Your data is handled with the care it deserves, even in non-emergency conditions.

Be prepared for data emergencies by keeping one of our Red Box kits in stock at your facility. Should you have hard drive problems, just ship your drive to us in the Red Box and we can quickly give you a free quote for its recovery.