There is no quick answer as to how long it will take to recover files after a data loss. There are several factors involved that will impact the recovery time. The reason for the data loss is an important factor.

  1. Files that are merely deleted can often be recovered quickly.

  2. Loss due to file or operating system corruption might still be done quickly, but the process could be a little more complicated.

  3. If hard drive crash recovery is necessary because of the failure of electronic components or physical damage of the mechanical parts, recovery becomes more involved and will take longer. Electronic failure could be caused by voltage spikes in an electrical system. Mechanical damage can be caused by normal wear and tear on the drive or by mishandling.

The first course of action is to call a reputable technician. The data recovery experts at The Data Rescue Center are well-qualified to determine the reason for data loss and what will be needed to effect recovery. If the drive must be sent in for recovery, the technician will evaluate the drive and prepare a detailed report of the damage and corrective measures needed. This will include a full quote for the recovery and an estimated time for completion.

The technician transfers the recovered data to the storage media of the client’s choice and ships the recovered data to the customer upon completion. Therefore, the total time depends on the steps needed to recovery the data plus the shipping time to and from The Data Rescue Center.