Many computer users enjoy making repairs and upgrades on their personal machines. There is nothing quite like the feeling of a successful do-it-yourself project. There is an abundance of information on the Internet and in bookstores to guide the user on his or her quest for computer repair mastery. Some repairs and upgrades are relatively simple. Installing peripheral components such as mice, keyboards, monitors and printers is easy to do, even for the novice.

Repairs and upgrades to the internal components of a computer present more of a challenge. Grounding straps, power supply meters, soldering guns and other specialty tools may be necessary to complete these tasks. Furthermore, little nuances in technique make the difference between success and disaster. Nevertheless, many internal repair and upgrade tasks are performed in an environment as common as the kitchen table.

There are some repairs, however, that must be done by a professional service in order guarantee success. For example, emergency data recovery on a physically failed drive requires that the drive case be opened. Successful recovery depends greatly on a combination of two circumstances: Technician expertise and environmental purity.

A reputable data recovery company, like The Data Rescue Center in Livermore, California, delivers both of these requirements. Extensively trained technicians work to recover the client’s valuable data without causing further damage or loss. They use and maintain properly filtered cleanrooms to ensure that airborne contaminants are controlled to prevent damage to the delicate internal components of the drive. Specifications for cleanrooms are defined by both federal and international standards. Beware of a family friend or relative that claims to “really know a lot about computers” who offers to try and recover your hard drive. Tricks like putting the drive into the freezer or twisting the drive really fast can work in some very unique/obscure cases but in many cases these tricks end up causing even more damage, and can cause more damage to your hard drive, making a recovery impossible later. Get a free no-nonsense quote from The Data Rescue Center and protect your valuable computer data. Good-intentioned family members or friends do not have the ultra-clean environment necessary for hard drive repair and recovery and therefore they are putting your data at risk to the point where it may never be recoverable at any cost-

Think of it this way: If you scraped your arm at the park, sure, you could have your mom throw a bandage on it and you’d likely be fine. However, if you were in need of a major brain surgery you’d definitely not trust your mom to fix you up (unless she was a brain surgeon). Do not risk your data to anyone who is not trained specifically in the hard drive recovery field AND who works in a proper class 100 cleanroom. Anything less than that is risky and could lead to irrevocable damage to your drive-