Today I spoke to a customer who was using Prosoft Engineering’s Drive Genius 3 on his MacPro to monitor all the hard drives on the MacPro. He received a warning from DrivePulse in Drive Genius 3 saying that his external hard drive has bad blocks. He contacted me in regards to this issue because this was his first issue with a computer hard drive.

The first step was to backup the hard drive. I then helped him start a scan on the hard drive using Drive Genius 3 . After the scan started he told me about the progress and it turns out Drive Genius 3 had found over 30 bad blocks on his hard drive in the beginning of the scan. He then inquired about sparing these bad blocks and I showed him how to do that. This drive in question had to be replaced as this drive had too many bad blocks for it to be saved. He was happy as he was able to backup his files before the drive eventually failed and had not lost his data on the drive. As this was a external drive this was easy for him to replace. DrivePulse warned him of a bad situation that was getting worse. With that early warning he was able to take the proper steps to ensure he didn’t lose any data and need a professional data recovery service.