If a notebook computer gets dropped, stay calm. There may not be anything wrong with it. Most laptops are built to standards that will allow for a few drops without flying to pieces. The problem, however, is that if something is wrong, it may not be apparent before it’s too late. A laptop that’s been dropped may be showing warning signs of a pending crash. One doesn’t have to be a data recovery expert to know how devastating that could be. Crucial data could be lost forever, particularly if the data hasn’t been sufficiently backed up. Notebook data recovery isn’t magic, and there is no such thing as a guaranteed solution. There are some accidents and damage that will destroy your data forever. A hard drive getting ready ot crash may make unusual grinding, clicking, or scratching noises. It may also take longer to boot. Then again, it may show no changes in performance, but eventually crash anyway. A laptop that is showing any warning signs at all should at least be backed up on another hard drive. Running the computer too much may damage the hard drive, perhaps beyond any hope of recovering the data.

In a data recovery lab special care is needed because laptop batteries are particularly small and involve sensitive moving parts. A data recovery expert can find ways of accessing the data, taking into account all the possible variables in diagnosing the problem. Be cautious of DIY solutions. Data recovery information is prolific on the Internet, and while much of this is good, it may not be effective in your particular case. Some of it may actually make your it less likely do more harm than good. Good data recovery information comes from experts, not hearsay. The software utilities that come with most operating systems are designed to solve only a few specific problems, and should only be used if you know exactly what is wrong, and that a given notebook data recovery utility will solve it.. You may, in fact, do more harm than good. If you can still access your data, that’s good, but you can’t count on that to continue. The best way to handle a crashed laptop hard drive is to take it to a qualified expert in notebook data recovery working with a well-equipped data recovery lab. Backing up data is the best way to ensure that nothing is lost, but there are ways of bringing data back, even if the drive itself is a lost cause.