Cloud computing services, such as online file sharing, file storage and backup, have become very popular over the last few years. These online services give the home computer user the ability to quickly and easily share personal photos and home videos. The business computer user also benefits from the ability to access their files from any computer in the world, enhancing business mobility.

Even so, recent events should warn us all that we need to be careful with whom we trust our data. The FBI seized and shutdown the servers used by Megaupload and Megavideo, two related online file storage and sharing sites. They were allegedly allowing users to upload illegal, copyrighted files. As a result, many innocent site users lost access to their important files. Furthermore, it appeared as if their files were going to be deleted before they could be retrieved. Fortunately, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit legal service, is working to ensure these files can be reclaimed.

Caution should also be exercised when choosing a data recovery company. Emergency data recovery is a complex, exacting process and you need to trust the company that you are contracting for recovery. The Data Rescue Center is a data recovery service in Livermore, California, and we would invite you to check our credentials. We are a BBB accredited business and we take the protection of your data seriously.

We do all recovery in-house, have 24-hour surveillance cameras and protect your equipment in a UL listed Class 2 vault when it is not being repaired. Additionally, the computers used to recover your data are never Internet connected, ensuring that your files are safe from hacker attacks and viruses.

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