If DIY data recovery is not an option to recovering your hard drive, you will have to send it to a data recovery service.  It is important to research the recovery lab before you send them your failed drive. You need to know if you can completely trust them with your data.

• The recovery lab should have a state-of-the-art cleanroom. An ISO 5/Class 100 cleanroom is a necessity for a safe, successful recovery. • The recovery engineers must be trained in the current procedures and techniques for hard drive recovery, flash drive recovery or whatever else is required. • Keeping your data secure is vitally important. Therefore, a reputable company runs extensive background checks on potential and current employees. • Additionally, keeping your equipment secure when it is not being recovered is important. We use and maintain an extensive 24/7 surveillance program that includes 24 RGB infrared cameras, magnetic card and biometric access protocols, 24 motion sensors and a UL-rated class 2 storage vault.

Another security feature keeps your files safe from outside attacks. None of our recovery equipment is connected to the Internet, keeping your data safe from hacker attacks, virus infections or other online threats.

Of course, a client needs to get their drive to us and there are several ways to do that. A local client can stop by our facility in Livermore, California and deliver it to us personally. However, if they are not local we can provide our Red Box Kit. We send all the shipping materials and labels necessary. This kit includes the shipping costs to the client and a two-day delivery back to us. The static-free foam packaging ensures that no further damage will occur.