While a hard disk drive offers technology that is used by the vast majority of computer users, there is a newer form of hard drive technology that is growing in popularity in the market.   Solid State Drives (aka SSD Drives) are very similar to Hard Disk Drives (aka HDDs) in that they are designed to store large amounts of computer data, however, an SSD Drive performs functions at a faster,more reliable pace in comparison to its magnetic disk counterpart.

SSDs currently make up a very small percentage of the hard drive market and there are a few reasons for this:

  1.  Most of all, SSD drives are more expensive than their HDD counterparts. At the time of this writing, a 480GB SSD internal laptop drive was selling for $870. The same reseller had a 500GB HDD internal laptop drive for $70.. So SSD drives are about 10 times more expensive than their HDD counterpart.

  2.  Many computer users don’t even know what an SSD drive is, how it’s different and what advantages is has over a HDD. For the un-saavy computer user, they see the SSD option as an option that can almost double their system-cost when they’re custom-building their computer online..

Choosing between solid state drives and hard disk drives is a tough choice. But it comes down to what you need out of the drive;  Fast reliable access to data with the SSD drive or larger amounts of storage space on an HDD drive. Either way, remember to back up your drive daily. If your SSD drive or HDD does fail (logically or physically), The Data Rescue center has the expert tools and experience to recover your computer files-