For many, there’s just something about the way a Mac computer system looks and feels that’s very appealing. While some believe a Mac is easier to navigate, others simply believe it offers a more exciting visual experience than the typical PC. Whether you are contemplating a switch to Mac from PC or are required to use Windows for work, it’s possible to create an experience similar to what Apple offers on your PC desktop. For quick ways to masquerade your computer as a Mac, follow these tips.

Start at the Top

The first image that greets you when firing up your computer system is the login screen, so it’s a logical place to begin altering your experience. There are a number of easy to use programs available on the Internet that allow you to customize the look of your login screen to look like a Mac. In just a few easy steps you can recreate your start-up to feature the sleek platinum Apple logo and latest Mac OS title against a familiar blue background.

Paint the Picture

Few international companies have mastered the method of creating iconic imagery better than Apple. To really give your PC a new feel, change your current background desktop image to something that screams Mac. Many of the most famous default Mac wallpapers available for free download online, from marketing campaign art celebrating the Apple logo to reproductions of some of the most famous Mac backgrounds.

Add Some Substance

Navigating around a PC environment for some is about as soothing as getting your finger caught in a mousetrap. To really make your computer more Mac, install a dock from one of many online developers made to look and operate just like the one’s featured in OSX. You can further modify the theme of your PC by adding the dropdown menus of a Mac with a program called Windows Blinds, and reconfiguring your cursor to appear like the familiar arrow with the rainbow colored pinwheel to signify when the system is processing.

Mimic the Experience

Many programs that come standard on a Mac can be added to just about any PC in order to mirror the experience. By using Safari as your default Web browser and adding programs like iTunes and iPhoto to manage your media you will really start to achieve the feeling of an entirely new environment. Now all you need to do is fill in the blanks to complete the transformation. Add any Mac apps or software that you wish to use in a PC version.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are thinking of switching or simply are in the mood for change, it’s easy to make your PC look more like a Mac. By addressing these areas, you too can have the look and feel of a Mac system. You can even take it a step further by switching to an all-white displayer or adding Apple created Dashboard widgets to breathe new life into your boring old computer.

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