The amount of data stored on computers, servers and other forms of magnetic media is staggering. Even though technological advances in magnetic storage have increased their reliability, much data is still lost every day. The leading cause of data loss is hardware or system failure.

To be honest, it is not so much a question as to whether a hard drive will fail, but as to when it will fail. The mechanics and electronics of a drive are prone to all manner of glitches. According to one study, only about 3 percent of all data loss is the result of natural disasters. Hardware failure and human error account for 76 percent.

One factor that makes drive failure even more critical today is that more data is being stored in smaller areas. While an eight-gigabyte drive used to be a large capacity drive, 500-megabyte drives are pretty much the norm these days. These drives hold massive amounts of data; the operating data for an entire business can be stored on one computer.

Should that drive fail, the financial impact could be catastrophic. One study indicates that it would take up to 19 days to re-enter 20 megabytes of sales and marketing data; the cost could be as high as or higher than $17,000. Without data recovery services available, many businesses would close their doors.

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