The Data Rescue Center, based in Livermore, California, is a data recovery service that specializes in Windows and Mac computer hard drive data recovery. From personal computers to server disk file recovery, The Data Rescue Center has the necessary equipment and fully trained personnel to recover your data quickly, safely and securely.

When you call The Data Rescue Center you can talk to a trained specialist who can analyze your situation and offer possible solutions and free price estimates. Unlike some other hard drive data recovery services, The Data Rescue Center may suggest that you try a software solution before bringing in the drive. Well-designed recovery software retrieves lost data in many cases of logical drive failure. If this is a possibility, the technician can inform you of your options.

Prosoft Engineering, The Data Rescue Center’s parent company, has just released a new version of Data Rescue PC3 for Windows-based PCs. They made several improvements in version 3.2.-

For example:

  • Version 3.2 comes with an emergency boot disk that can boot most Windows-based PCs. It allows you to recover files from a drive that will not boot or mount.
  • Increased scanning speed recovers files faster than before.
  • The software recognizes more file types for recovery.
  • The new version now supports drives of over 1.5 terabytes.

The software does not fix your drive, an operation that could cause further loss. Instead, it focuses on file recovery to ensure that you can access and recover your files. Logical drive failure repair should only be attempted after your files are safe and secure.