We’ve heard the hype. We’ve listened to the pitches. News stories were all over the Internet. Experts debated and the pros and cons of each choice were presented. If we were diligent, we’ve considered all of the options.

And now it’s time to make a choice.

Late last October, Microsoft® released its newest operating system, Windows 8®. There were sales campaign speeches, videos and blog posts that either urged you to switch or pleaded with you to stay with your current system.

When making a choice to switch to the newest system, computer users need to proceed with caution. This is true no matter whose operating system you use. There will be applications that break. Old hardware may not work.

But there is one real danger that must be addressed: data loss.

We are a data recovery lab. And every time a new OS comes out, The Data Rescue Center prepares for the onslaught of data disasters. Businesses come to us for server data recovery. New computers may need SSD recovery. It can be a real challenge for both business and casual users.

In Part Two, I’ll outline some steps you can take to make an operating system transition safer for your files.