The vast majority of photographs are taken with digital cameras. From camera phones to digital SLR cameras, digital photography is a part of life that is pretty much taken for granted. Photos are downloaded to computers or uploaded to social networking sites to be shared with friends and family.

It was not always this way, however. In closets, under beds and in drawers all over the country, stacks of print photographs, negatives and slides are safely tucked away. Pick up any old photo album and you will see the history of a family’s life, captured on black and white and colored photographs, taken with cameras and film. The nostalgia of old photos brings back memories of days gone by. Unfortunately, old photos are susceptible to aging and degradation that will eventually destroy them and the memories they impart. Unless cared for properly, these photos will succumb to the ravages of time.

Photo archiving services, such as that offered by The Data Rescue Center, can preserve these fond memories for future generations. Photos, negatives and slides are scanned on state of the art equipment and saved on one or more DVDs for preservation. The old print photos can then be downloaded to a PC and shared with family as email attachments or uploaded to social networking sites. Copies of the DVDs can be sent to relatives and passed on to descendants for reminders of the past.

The Data Rescue Center is a data recovery company, specializing in emergency data recovery. However, photo archiving is an important part of their services. In reality, it is a form of data rescue as well.