Or perhaps I should say wordless. The Data Rescue Center recently had a customer that was a freelance writer that had lost all of his data.  He decided to share his story so he could help others prevent data loss…

Advantages of Freelance Writing

If you make a living as a freelance writer, your words are your livelihood. People pay you to put their ideas into text, and you get paid for that task. There are several advantages to freelance writing. You can often work from home, or almost anywhere in the world, for that matter. The Internet has opened your office doors and lets you ply your trade from exotic locations. And while you work hard, you usually work on your own terms.

Tough Side of Freelance Writing - Data Loss

Writer’s block is a bummer, but . . . There is something that could be more devastating than a temporary loss for words. A permanent loss of data, the files from which you prosper, could put you out of business quickly. Losing the working files on your computer can, at the very least, force you to miss deadlines. While some clients may work with you, extending your due date, many will just move on to someone else.

Additionally, you may lose more than just your drafts. You could lose all your research as well. That means that it’s back to square one, starting all over on a project. It’s as if you never worked on the project at all. All that time you spent is lost, gone like the wind.

Protect your Data

Unfortunately, I didn’t take the time to have a good back up plan in place and protect myself from data loss.  I had a major physical hard drive crash and lost all of my data.  I had no other choice then be faced with finding a data recovery service to hopefully recover my hard drive, so I could get back to work.  Fortunately after spending a lot of time researching I came across the folks at The Data Rescue Center.  They provided me with great customer service, competitive pricing and recovered my data quickly.

I have learned from this now and have created a regular backup routine.  Hopefully I am diligent about preventing data loss, so  I won’t need The Data Rescue Center’s data recovery service again…but always have their contact info on hand.