Prosoft Engineering is going green with MediaTools Wipe. MediaTools Wipe is one of the latest applications released by Prosoft Engineering, with the emphasis on proper data destruction and reuse. Many of you have heard of e-waste or recycling of old computer parts. MediaTools Wipe allows enterprise companies, technicians and end users to permanently erase data from working older hard drives and reuse them or prepare them for recycling. A great example is taking the old hard drives out of your old computers and securely erasing them with MediaTools Wipe and then use them for backup drives or turn them into external drives for a variety of uses. If you don’t have a need for the drives, then you can donate the drives, knowing they have been securely erased and no longer contain any sensitive or personal data on them.

MediaTools Wipe will work with most storage devices currently available. There are a number of government spec presets including; DOD5220.22M (C , D, E & H), Gutmann (35 pass), NCSC TG-025 and others. These NSA-approved algorithms can be used when sensitive and intellectual property data needs to be securely erased properly and quickly.

The next time you consider throwing away an old PC, hard drive, gaming consoles like a Xbox or PS3 or even a camera media card, consider wiping the data from that device as your standard process before disposing. There is almost always residual personal data found on these storage devices. By using MediaTools Wipe and methods described in this article you will limit access to personal data that can be stolen by identity thieves.