When you backup your computer data, you are performing the most important step in data protection. The necessity of data backup has been reiterated in blogs and posts all over the Internet for years. Power users understand that file backup is vital, especially to protect their business from the affects of data loss.

There is no reason not to backup your data. Both Windows-based PCs and Mac computers have a data backup routine built into the operating system. Third-party programs, like Data Backup PC3 and Data Backup 3 for Mac, give you more control and flexibility over the process. If you don’t think that you have files that need backing up, you might want to reassess the information stored on your hard drive. Some of your files would be hard to re-create and others would be impossible.

The Data Rescue Center is a hard drive recovery service. We specialize in emergency data recovery on failed drives. While we are here to serve you, we also want to stress the importance of a regular, effective backup routine. Should you need our data recovery services, a working backup increases the chances of successful data retrieval.

Recent natural disasters, floods, tornados and hurricanes, should impress upon us the importance of data backup. There is not enough time to move all of your equipment to a safe location; computer damage is inevitable. This brings to mind another issue. Suppose you do perform regular backups. Where are they located? If you use only local backup media, like an external drive or server, they could also be destroyed in the same disaster. It is a good idea to also backup to a second location -