The team at The Data Rescue Center, a data recovery service based in Livermore, California, would like to remind their clients that protecting personal privacy and information is vitally important. This includes both offline and online information. We would like to recommend that everyone visit the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse website for extensive information on how to protect privacy and personal information. All Internet users should read the article entitled “A New Year for Privacy: The PRC Launches Online Complain Center.”

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse is a nonprofit organization that is nationally recognized for consumer education and advocacy. They have been tracking privacy issues since 2005 from their office in San Diego, California. Their website contains information on how consumers can protect their identity. They also include guidelines on how to recover from identity theft and privacy issues. The topics included range from telephone scams and junk faxes to web-based hazards such as email use and online shopping.

For example, they recommend that consumers monitor their credit reports to ensure that no one has stolen vital information and is using it for fraudulent purposes. Furthermore, the PRC explains what to do when a consumer is asked for his or her Social Security number. This includes requests from government agencies as well as businesses.

The Data Rescue Center recommends that consumers thoroughly check into the background of any service working on their computers, especially if disk file recovery is involved. Personal data might even be found during flash drive recovery; therefore, the client should ensure that the recovery lab has been proven trustworthy.