We hope we never need to perform hard drive data recovery; unfortunately, it does happen. While there are many recovery programs on the market, many are not very successful. Some of these programs can be outright dangerous to use. Let me explain.

Accidental deletion and OS failure cause loss. If file corruption or hard drive failure are the culprits, recovery must be done before OS or drive repair. Data Rescue 3 for Mac doesn’t even attempt repair. Mac OS X file recovery is its only mission. To further ensure your files’ safety, recovery is made to a secondary drive, not the affected one. Additionally, DR 3 ships with a boot disk to run a computer without the OS.

When scanning your drive, DR 3 places files into two separate folders. The Found Files folder contains files that still have location and other information intact. The Recovered Files folder houses file that are missing this information. This information is erased or corrupted by deletion or drive formatting. However, the file contents may still be recoverable.

Once the scan is complete, you can view the contents of these two folders. DR 3 gives you the option of previewing the file so that you can make sure it is complete. This is very helpful when you are attempting digital picture recovery. It’s recommended that you preview many of the files before attempting recovery. Furthermore, you don’t need to recover every file in the folder. Choose only the ones you want to keep. When the recovery process is initiated, the chosen files are recovered to a safe location.