What should you do with the hard drive when you are done with an old computer? Some folks will junk the old computer or have it hauled off, drive intact. Others will sell the computer to someone else and use the money for a new machine. Stop to think for a minute though. Is it wise to let your hard drive fall into someone else’s hands and trust that they will not use it to harm you? The drive may contain sensitive data that could be used for identity theft.

The Data Rescue Center, a data recovery company in Livermore, California, has a perfect solution. We offer a hard drive recycling program to dispose of your old hard drive safely and securely. The Data Rescue Center and our parent company, Prosoft Engineering, have been in the file recovery business for a long time, even working with government agencies as clients. We understand the importance of keeping your data secure.

Send your old drive to us, and we will electronically shred the data on it using Department of Defense specifications. When we are finished with the shredding process, nothing can be retrieved. The old drive is then placed in our stock of drive components so that it can be used in our recovery center. The old drive components will not end up in the landfill, contaminating the environment. The donated drive allows us to keep recovery costs down by recycling the useable components.

The Data Rescue Center specializes in Windows and Mac data recovery, raid recovery and other digital media recovery. Contact us at (925)583-1799 for information on their hard drive recycling program and recovery services.