Severe weather can wreak havoc on the lives of individuals and the operation of businesses. There is no way to control the forces of nature. Even though we take steps to prevent damage and loss, there are times when these efforts are not enough. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances occur that are unavoidable.

Lightning strikes cause power surges and ignite fires. The power surges and voltage spikes cause damage to electrical systems and equipment. Power losses often shut down critical equipment unless backup power supplies are installed and maintained. Most factories, emergency services and hospitals have backup generators that will start immediately in the event of power loss. However, many businesses do not have any preventive measures. Computers and similar computers will shut down improperly during a power outage occurs unless back up power supplies are in place.

Sudden, improper shutdowns and power surges will cause data loss on computers. Files become corrupted, unsaved data is lost and computer components are damaged. Voltage spikes will damage the delicate electronics of hard drives. Furthermore, severe weather can bring heavy rain and flooding. Water damage is a real possibility in these events.

A data recovery service can help recover lost data. The Data Rescue Center specializes in personal computer and notebook data recovery. They also recover data lost on network servers. Clients can call the service to ask for data recovery information, such as the steps required, potential for success and cost estimate, before the recovery service is needed. Severe weather preparations should include data protection.