We’re well known for our hard drive data recovery services here at The Data Rescue Center. We strive hard to recover our clients’ missing data, often collaborating with our parent company, Prosoft Engineering. In fact, we recently worked together, teaming up on a data catastrophe brought to us by Bill Nye, the Science Guy, and The Planetary Society.

Mr. Nye was recording a session during the Planetfest celebration when a series of malfunctions rendered the recording data inaccessible. The Data Rescue Center and Prosoft worked together, creating specialized software that was able to recover the lost data.

The Data Rescue Center is a sponsor of the Planetfest event, a celebration of humankind’s natural curiosity and desire for learning about the universe surrounding us. The event is hosted by The Planetary Society, an organization started by Car Sagan and others to increase awareness of our world and its place in the grand scheme of things. Along with CEO Bill Nye, The Planetary Society promotes space education and awareness through projects, special events like Planetfest, and advocacy.

We join the society in nurturing the young minds of our future scientists and explorers as they become aware of their surroundings, both here and in our universe. While our business aspect includes our data recovery services, including SSD recovery, we also venture beyond the walls of our recovery lab to help promote learning and nurture the curiosity of our youth through sponsorships with worthwhile organizations and events, such as The Planetary Society and Planetfest.