What do you do when your hard drive has crashed or your data has become inaccessible? The first step is to contact a reputable data recovery service like The Data Rescue Center, based in Livermore, California. You can email them or call their toll-free number, 877-501-4949. A qualified technician will discuss your case with you and suggest a plan of action to recover your data.

If the problem can be solved by a do-it-yourself software solution, the technician will explain how that is done. If, however, the drive needs a more hands-on approach, you will be given the option to send in the drive. By the way, the call and the consultation are free.

After you send in the drive and The Data Rescue Center receives it, the drive is labeled, inventoried and stored securely. A trained recovery engineer will evaluate your drive, generate a detailed diagnosis and report and contact you with the results. He or she will discuss a course of action and include a free quote.

Once you give permission to proceed, the recovery engineer will work on your drive in a Class 100/ISO 5-rated cleanroom. Every effort is made to recover as much of your data as possible. The recovered data is saved to the recovery media of your choice. You can supply the media or The Data Rescue Center has several options that you can purchase.

In addition to internal hard drive recovery, The Data Rescue Center performs RAID hard drive data recovery, external hard drive recovery and provides data migration services. Check out their data recovery process.